Conference Agenda

Conference Objectives:

* Enable an interactive knowledge exchange amongst talented professionals on key topics including emerging trends, service, and entrepreneurship 

* Meet other professionals in your field  

* Network with high caliber industry leaders including those from AKDN and AKF

* Deep dive on how you as an Ismaili professional can realize Mawlana Hazir Imam’s vision of sustainable knowledge sharing and global assistance 

* Work together to strengthen our Alliances and catapult our community forward through entrepreneurial and service projects





The conference combines institutional speakers, keynotes, networking mixers, and working sessions for attendees to participate in.


The conference will have four tracks that attendees can take part in:



Entrepreneurship at all Stages Accelerate your career in today’s competitive world by managing your career as if it were a startup business: a living, breathing, growing startup of you. Why startups? Because startups- and the entrepreneurs that run them- are nimble. They invest in themselves. They build their professional networks. They take intelligent risks. They make uncertainty and volatility work to their advantage.
Collaboration & Service Service is at the epicenter of our community, but how can we amplify our global impact and further our reach? Collaborate with top public service professionals for an elite knowledge exchange of how to mobilize resources, leverage technology, monetize giving platforms, approach donors, serve as board members, build inter-organizational bridges, and understand the nuanced needs of various societies to deliver targeted, world-class service with the greatest impact and legacy.
Professional Development Are you ready to soar to new heights in your career? Whether you need to traverse a daunting industry transition, take a lofty career leap, or run your company with greater reach and impact, learn how to elevate your professional prowess. Catalyze your career with an actionable toolkit including effective branding, social media presence, adaptation and agility, advocacy, polished professional outreach, and leadership best practices. This tactical track is a practitioner’s guide to career advancement. Your success is on the horizon!
Emerging Trends The 20th century was characterized by industrial growth, infrastructure development, and modest technological advancement to meet society’s basic needs. However, the 21st century exemplifies exponential technological growth in advance of customer needs, rapidly expanding global connectivity, and financial autonomy. Social media platforms, AI and machine learning, and digital currencies are a few of the foundational movements that have made life as we know it possible. Contribute to this macro-level track and draw inspiration from industry leaders and visionaries to position yourself at the forefront of emerging trends. What’s next?