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The Ismaili Professionals Network (IPN) is excited to launch the Bootcamp for those Ismaili Professionals (IPs) who have an interest in starting their own professional ventures. The objective of the IPN Boot Camp is to provide current or aspiring entrepreneurs with tools and knowledge to help transform ideas into reality.

Here are some common questions and answers about the IPN Boot Camp:

What is IPN BootCamp?

The purpose of each IPN Boot Camp is to educate the Ismaili Professionals (IPs) on all key aspects of starting a professional venture. This educational program is designed to serve the rising tide and is held in every major region throughout the year over the course of 2 weeks culminated by a weekend of learning, networking and pitching.

The IPN Bootcamp DNA:

  • Week 1: Team Formation / Idea Generation
  • Week 2: Understanding the Marketplace / Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Week 3: Building a Product / Service Offering / Financial Model /Business Economics
  • Week 4: Finalizing Pitch Deck / Weekend Pitch Competition

Who is IPN BootCamp for?

IPN Boot Camp is for those aspiring Ismaili Professionals (IPs) who have an interest in starting their own professional ventures.

Do I need to come in with an idea already in mind?

No. As part of the Boot Camp, you will work with your team to generate an idea.

When will IPN BootCamp take place?

IPN Boot will be held in in every major region throughout the year. We are looking to host the event in the following cities:

  • South-West: Jan 24th – Feb 21st Location: Houston, Texas
  • West-Coast : April 23rd – May 1st Location: San Francisco
  • Central: Mar 14th – Apr 12th Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Mid-West (Location: Chicago) – TBD
  • South-East (Location: Atlanta) – April 2, April 10, 2016
  • Florida (Location: Orlando) – April 18, May 16-17
  • North-East (Location: New Jersey) – TBD

Once dates are finalized, we will communicate them immediately.

How do I apply and when is the deadline?

IPN Boot will be held in in every major region throughout the year. Once dates are confirmed, they will be communicated via ipnonline.net/ipnbootcamp, FB and announcements.

How many spots are available?

Total number of teams and participant count will vary based on individual region. Here’s the general guideline we will follow:

The total number of teams ranges from five to ten for each region. Each team will range from 2-4 members.

How are teams selected?

Team formations will be based on a few data points:

  • Your partner preference
  • Area of expertise / previous experience
  • Availability

What is the cost of attending IPN BootCamp?

There’s no cost to apply. Once accepted, cost for attending IPN BootCamp will vary based on individual region. Full payment will be required to confirm attendance. This does not include any travel costs such as airfare and hotel.

Please see local IPN Boot Camp representatives for more details.

What will IPN BootCamp event entail?

This educational program will be structured as a startup pitch competition. Over the series of 3 weeks teams will work together to come up with an idea, conduct market research, competitive analysis, analyze and record problem / solution fit, brainstorm distribution, financials and other items. They check in with the assigned coach once each week to update them and seek guidance. Once at the actual event, the team gets the opportunity to polish the pitch deck with the assistance of all of the coaches and on the second day, pitch to a panel of experts.

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